Dillenger Escape Plan by Sarah Whitlam 1


As if I could any more excited to see a band that laid the groundwork for my deep love of electronic dance music! It was already pretty crowded in the esteemed Commodore Ballroom, with people from all walks of life scattered about the polished dance floor. That’s something that you’d rarely see except for at a Chromeo show: a whole fusion of different people at one music event. I saw punks, I saw 90-pound party girls in six-inch heels, I saw older blue-collar gents and I saw hipsters like myself. It was really neat to see that everyone can get down with Chromeo’s vibe.

Warming up the group up was L.A.’s Jennifer Lee, or Tokimonsta as she goes by. She was rocking a high ponytail and whipped it back and forth like it was her job. She was highly skilled at flicking knobs on her mixer and tranced the crowd into a nod-along daze. Maybe Top 40 mashups weren’t everyone’s thing but she definitely delivered a punchy introduction.

After her set, the bystanders and sitters all packed onto the floor and, as if pre-rehearsed, started chanting “CHRO-ME-OH-OOOOOHHHH” with all of their hearts. This lasted well into the boys hitting the stage, and they revelled in the chanting, diving headfirst into “Night by Night,” and ping-ponging between new hits like “Jealous” and then back to classics like “Needy Girl.” The boys looked suave as always, rocking red leather and those sexy glowing ladies legs keyboard stands. The energy was crazy! Nobody in the room was standing still, and it was deafening when Chromeo reminded us that they too, were Canadian. Well done boys, you’ve definitely made it and then some.

By Kristie Sparksman
Photos by Sarah Whitlam and Liz Goode

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