Kristi Hansen in Monstrosities.

Kristi Hansen in Monstrosities.

The city is abuzz with all sorts of exciting productions taking the stage this May. Prepare yourself for the beginning of the summer theatre season with a wide offering of performances to take in.

Urban Curvz
Joyce Doolittle Theatre
May 1-10

When confronted with the freakish or monstrous, our first reaction is to look away. In this new work created by The Maggie Tree ensemble, co-presented with Urban Curvz, the audience is asked not to avert their eyes but to focus in on three women who are each an abomination. Starring and written by Amber Borotsik, Kristi Hansen and Vanessa Sabourin, this is not an invitation to a polite night at the theatre.

Michel and Ti-Jean
Sage Theatre
Vertigo Theatre
May 1-10

Two legendary writers meet at a bar in St. Petersburg, Florida. One is the revolutionary Jack Kerouac, the famed “king of the beatniks.” The other is playwright Michel Tremblay. The two begin a nightlong sparring match, matching wits and words, clashing ideas, and spilling drinks. While some of their encounter is heated, they find common ground in their common craft of the written word and in their Quebecois heritage.

Sometime between now and when the sun goes Supernova
Theatre Junction GRAND
May 7-10

Originally produced last year, this is an in-house, locally-produced piece for Theatre Junction GRAND by Mark Lawes. Combining a few theatrical traditions with current technology, Sometime makes it difficult to discern what is reality and what is not. It is a surreal mix of emotion, science, politics and sex that will make audiences examine consumer culture and isolation in our hyper-connected, globalized world.

By Geneviève Dale
Photos: Marc J. Chalifoux

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