IGNITE! Youth Festival
May 2nd – May 10th
The Cultch, 1895 Venables St. Vancouver

For one week a year in May, many young and emerging artists in Vancouver get access to one of the most revered venues in the city to participate in arts creation in literally every way possible. The festival is entirely youth-run with the help of mentors from the professional community with programs for aspiring directors, writers, actors, devisors, production designers, publicists, stage managers and other creative artists. There are showcases of new one-act plays, visual arts, improve, dance, drag, circus art and music, all created by artists between the ages of 13-24. Visit their website at for ticket information.

rEvolver Theatre Festival
May 13th-25th
The Cultch, 1895 Venables St. Vancouver

Upintheair Theatre

Right after IGNITE! wraps up at the Cultch, stick around and see the rEvolver Festival! Produced by Upintheair Theatre for the past 10 years, the festival brings an assorted range of performances: script-based, devised and site-specific productions as well as staged readings and artist discussions. This year, there are 12 adventurous and high-energy shows created by emerging artists and companies from Vancouver. For ticket and show information, check out their website at

No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre and translated by Paul Bowles
May 6th-10th
Studio 16, 1555 West 7th Avenue

Aengima Theatre

This is the play that brings you the quote “Hell is other people.” Written during the heart of WWII, Jean Paul Sartre’s existential play follows the fates of three damned souls living in the 1940s. For Cradeau, Inez and Estelle, their “hell” is a 19h century French study where the only door remains locked and the only company is each other… for eternity. Produced by Aengima theatre, their company goal is to produce plays that unravel the layers of the human soul and delve deep into the human psyche. Email for more information about the show and tickets.

By Team BeatRoute

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