Fresh off the press, one of the hottest mixes anywhere, North London’s cheer has erupted in the form of So Long, See You Tomorrow. Each and every track is an epic foray through a brilliant spectrum of vermillion, with vocal harmonies and quixotic guitar-work emerging from the pale azure of a transparent and honest direction towards pure originality. Thoughtful measures swing and glide in the rhythmic air, as sonic mountains flex and relax in the course of beauty. Artistic to the core, the band has innovated live animation in their debut video and in their single, “Carry Me,” as well as offering homage to the relative obscurity of 19th-century stop-motion photography pioneer Eadweard Muybridge.

Inspired by Jack Steadman’s travels through India, Turkey, Tokyo, the U.K. and the Netherlands, the record animates a sonic charge into the ambitious front of human discovery. Here, the inner and outer phenomena of change is blurred and bridged with a special grace. Listen, and listen again, and the meaning of So Long, See You Tomorrow may become ever so succinctly apparent to you. Dream-pop eyes are slowed into a moving, hip hop downbeat with “Home By Now,” which features video-game bleats to the tasteful rhythm of a synthetic drum. And the moment is right, as vocal harmonies blend with the sweet pleasure that comes from knowing that Tomorrow is right around the corner, always.

By Matt Hanson

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