Chromeo return with their most polished and sexy LP to date. The beats are danceable, the synths are vintage and the hooks are sharp as ever. The vibe is unashamedly retro and loaded with earworms. White Women is the album of summer 2014, but it could easily have been the album of summer 1984.

The album shares its name with the first book of photography by Helmut Newton, the legendary appreciator of the female form. White Women’s lyrics fittingly follow a similar theme. “Over Your Shoulder” is an ode to feminine self-esteem and “Old 45s” is a nostalgic nod to old-fashioned romance. “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” has every making to be the pop song of the upcoming season. The lyrics are cleverly simple and cheesy at moments, but it always feels like Chromeo is in on the joke. They play synthesizers with lit-up female legs holding them up, for God’s sake. Chromeo have always been good at sounding like a devout tribute to ‘80s pop while still not taking it completely seriously.

However, the best moments are when Chromeo step outside of their comfort zone. “Come Alive” (featuring Toro y Moi) is a synthesis of their throwback pop sound and Toro y Moi’s chillwave electro-pop. It is definitely the standout track and it shows that they are able to branch out of the genre they have been pigeonholed into. The songs are all solid, and so infectious that they’ll have even the most affected hipster considering hitting the dance floor this summer.

By Dylan S. Keating

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