Montreal’s avant-pop rockers present their debut LP from Sacramento/Portland label, Lefse Records (also home to fellow Canadians, Teen Daze), with their familiar strain of off-kilter musings. The album, recorded directly to tape, is a tightly produced, vivacious collection of songs and a palpable step forward for the group.

Each Other has always sounded so curiously newfangled, about a million twangs surging and emerging at any given moment. We see similar conviction here in Being Elastic, the band providing some sweet-tart flavour to the sometimes-generic garage-rock palette. They play their guitars with as much melodic agency as their voices, always chorusing into playful babel wafting whimsical lyrics our way. And true to form, their arrangements consistently angle off, veering from bright, tinny jangles into near-dissonant relishes, and then to slower vocal chimes, rarely retracing their steps within a song. Meanwhile, the boys perpetuate a pure, unadulterated beam of energy coursing throughout the album as a whole, sizzling and crackling to the surface with every pluck.

Being Elastic is a cheeky, nuanced and unpredictable endeavour, and its novelty surely won’t wear off. It’s a difficult thing to not fall in love with the record immediately; these lads are favourites of mine and if they already aren’t, they should be of yours, too.


By Nivedita Iyer

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