Franz Ferdinand by Spencer Marsh


I honestly didn’t know Franz Ferdinand were still around. I was worried — I hadn’t seen them live since 2005, and here they were, on tour, with a new album. These boys have certainly given their band a second go after a near break-up a few years back, sounding better than ever and even more committed to their matching stage attire.

The Commodore was a perfect venue to house the event, with the crowd looking more on the later side of 20, with half of them sitting down enjoying beers until the last possible minute. Welsh songstress Cate Le Bon opened for Franz, and although her voice is lovely, it wasn’t the energetic warm-up I was hoping for. I was a little bit nervous for what I was in for with a band that I haven’t heard from in years.

Oh man! Franz Ferdinand, you crafty gents, you haven’t lost it! They played with such honed-in skill and effortless bravado — it felt truly familiar. Of course, playing a 22-song set requires stamina and as each song crashed upon the audience, it was as if Franz built upon each previous song in an unstoppable fashion. I think I saw one person try to crowdsurf, either that or it was wishful thinking. I don’t even know that Alex Kapranos needed to be there, seeing as his fans knew every word to every song. It’s nice to see that bands such as Franz Ferdinand have longevity and a seriously kick-ass live show.

By Kristie Sparksman
Photo by Spencer Marsh

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