kalle mattson


While Ottawa-based artist Kalle Mattson may not have hit age 25, Someday the Moon Will Be Gold features songs peppered with pockmarked nostalgia usually reserved for songwriters with 20 years’ experience on them. However, since the album’s theme is dealing with the death of his mother years prior, it makes somber sense. That isn’t to say that all of Someday is one continuous song of sad bastard-ing. The opening track, “An American Dream,” is as upbeat as a county fair, the boisterous horn section carrying the acoustic guitars and drums to the top of the ferris wheel. These same instruments are used to establish the polar opposite effect in “Darkness”. The combination of dreams and darkness may intermingle, but do not clash throughout the album. If anything, they lend an air of hope to what could have been dreary despondency. Instead, Kalle Mattson has an album that musically mirrors a process of grief, along with acceptance and moving on.

By Spencer Brown

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