Dominic Wynn Woods’s moniker, like his given name, is poetic — “Sage” for the colour of his eyes, “Gemini” for his astrological sign. But, it’s also misleading. Pick up Sage’s debut and you might be jarred to find no less than 16 snappy, trap-pop snippets that are dismally contrived. Almost every track gets stale at or before the minute-and-a-half mark, so much that so a major-chord melody on “Mad at Me” about halfway through the album comes as a breath of air that shouldn’t be that refreshing.

Where Sage succeeds is in his delivery, when complemented by the right production and sonic mood. His languid beckoning on the sparse, sleazy “Don’t You” is well played. It sounds like he’s trying to lure you into the back of his car, but it’s okay because his car is actually a sleek, mythical dragon and he says that he will take you to a place where they serve peanut butter waffles on rainbow-cloud plates. But when Justin Bieber joins him on the remix that is the last track, you snap out of it suddenly and realize that everything is definitely not okay.

With a single (“Gas Pedal”) that practically became an Internet meme, achieving viral status on Vine as the soundtrack to cats, babies and full-grown humans shaking their posteriors in sacred oneness, Remember Me is… memorable — for as long as the first half of 2014 lasts, at least. Download Sage’s full-length for sad, solo twerking failures in the mirror. Or, for the soundtrack to the next junior-high house party you curate.

By Andréa Rojas

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