A light forecast and, on the shadowy horizon, the cool bending, harmonic rhythms of the brotherly duo Shaani Cage, brought to life by Aleem and Kaleem Khan. First break “Dance Community” is a fantastic downbeat exercise in cool. Wayfaring synthetic ambience and multi-tracked guitar riffs speak volumes over a dream-pop air, studded with a lush backdrop of that heady blue glow of bounce-beat wanderings.

With a humorous edge, the likeable sound of Shaani Cage’s demo reveals the soulful depth of an authentic lyricism. “You say that’s love, baby/That ain’t a part of the plan,” croons second track “Come Up” as each slow, delectable sound nourishes the fateful ear lucky enough to close in on a listen. The demo’s sound is a perfect complement to any room in need of that rest-and-relaxation vibe.

And keep those ears open, for this demo’s sure to soon transform into an even more mature and fuller sound via future works. Hopefully, later offerings from Shaani Cage will present what final track “Put it Right” moves to, with its lazily comforting and tragicomic moods. Evangelos Typist of Sanctums mastered their forthcoming EP, which makes it even more worthy of anticipation.

By Matt Hanson

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