In the last couple of decades, mainstream country music has filled the role of pop music for adults. There isn’t much angst or rage against “the man” in radio-friendly country music, just songs of mature contemplation of lost love, the ache of regret, a longing for a simpler time that never actually existed and party-hearty, get-your-red-solo-cup-up, non-threatening good times. It’s the PG movie of music genres.

Trevor Alguire’s Miles Away falls squarely in the well-worn tracks of mainstream country music. The title track is catchy despite its simplicity: a good portion of the song is just the words “miles away” repeated and rhymed to, but it sticks in your head. “Long Gone Away” is a decent mid-tempo song with an oscillating organ in the back which gives a nice texture to the song. “In the Palm of My Hand” has to be the best song on the album because all the elements of the song work — the writing is solid, the playing is sharp and played with maximum effect and it breaks away from the mediocre tone set by the rest of the album.

There are some questionable production decisions that went into Miles Away. Alguire’s rhyming is forced at times and at other times, he completely drops any pretense of having a rhyming scheme altogether. The song “So Sad Lately” is a massive departure from the rest of the material due to the fact that the song is played in the vein of rockabilly.
The sound of Miles Away is well produced, but there isn’t enough here for anyone who isn’t already a fan of radio-country or Alguire to recommend.

By Kraig Brachman

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