A year after the release of his intricate, high-energy electronic album, Hypo, Vincent Parker gives us Hypo Remixed, 14 remixes generated by letting his friends play around with the loops and patches that live within the depths of his production setup. Featuring remixes by artists from locations as diverse as Vancouver, Portland, the U.K. and Lithuania, it’s interesting to hear how differently the various artists interpreted Parker’s original work.

Vancouver’s “gabber angel” Baby Blue takes Parker’s original track, “Corner,” down a thumping hard-style route, while the eighth track, a remix of “Hypo” by Vancouver-based Jade Statues, is hypnotic, bass-driven and dance-inducing. A standout is Eli Muro’s remix of Parker’s “Whirlslam.” Muro is part of the Chapel Sound crew and heads Jellyfish Recordings, and his remix is as relaxing and deep as they come.

I’m a big fan of Vincent Parker and what he brings to the Vancouver scene. It’s great to see an artist who dabbles in experimentation and live P.A. getting the attention they deserve, and for that reason, this remix album is a must-listen — particularly if you enjoyed the original.

By Genevieve Michaels

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