Going out on a Sunday night usually means the only other people populating the pub are the casually unemployed, bartenders and hotel staff with a night off. Most of the time, it’s going to be a long night of listening to stories about the time Black Sabbath’s roadies came through and did shots off each others man-tits, or how long it takes to scrape all the jizz off the mirror in Chad Kroeger’s hotel room. Sometimes, though, when you go out on an off night, good luck gives you a hard high five on your way in to the pub and you’re unexpectedly rewarded with a couple of solid bands to check out.

I wandered into the Black Dog on such a Sunday to catch Everyday Things (including Edmonton stalwart, Ben Disaster, on drums) midway through a set of catchy power pop tunes that had the Sunday night denizens dancing and head bobbing with approval. Next up was Arrowz, a two-piece Edmonton based outfit, self-described as “tongue in cheek garage rock that shoots straight from the hip.” At first, I couldn’t tell (I’m not sure Arrowz could either) if their set had begun or if they were still doing a sound-check, but they flashed a pair of wide grins and quickly ripped through a bluesy dirge.

Following the impromptu opener, Arrowz flew into a set of quick and gritty garage rock songs only stopping to say a few self-deprecating words before launching into another kinetic jam. Throughout the night, you couldn’t have wiped the smiles off their faces with a blowtorch and that attitude spilled over onto the audience. Fast and infectious, Arrowz’s live show perfectly captivated an audience not necessarily there to take things too seriously, but who were utterly dedicated to having a good time. Although going out on a Sunday might leave you feeling like you’re walking through a trench in hell on your way to work on Monday morning, the unexpected excellent little shows make it absolutely worth it.

By Riel Lavin

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