Night Committee - Brenda Bazylewski


Nighttime is a most magical time. After the sun dips down over the horizon, people peacock with snazzier and more revealing clothing, respectable people switch to hard liquor and the fine citizens of Calgary can park at metered parking for free. Yes, the night is indeed a magical time. Who’d have thought that the night would require a committee though? Apparently, Andrew Wedderburn, Joel Nye and Lorrie Matheson. This formidable trio together makes up Night Committee, the megatron made up of three of Calgary’s own rock ‘n’ roll royals and they’re releasing their second full-length album.

Following up the successful release of their 2012 debut album, Crime, Night Committee is back to bring us a fresh offering entitled, Heaven. Once again, these rockers bring us a taste of the signature sounds that you can‘t really put your finger on.

“The music is indescribable,” says keyboardist Lorrie Matheson, adding, “it literally sounds like nothing. It’s punk rock that doesn’t sound like punk rock. There’s sort of a country song on the album that doesn’t sound like any other country song you’ve ever heard.”

It’s a high-class problem that many bands would graciously give limbs to have.

Having a unique one-of-a-kind sound may be a big draw, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to peg them down. Of this, Matheson says, “People say to me, because I play bass lines on keyboards, ‘Oh man, it’s totally like The Doors,’ but I’m like, ‘Fuck you, it’s nothing like The Doors.’ It’s really nothing like The Doors. There’s no way to describe it. Andrew doesn’t write songs like anybody else. His lyrics are completely unique. This is literally the only band I’ve been in that’s never tried to sound like anybody else.”

With wordsmith Wedderburn burning up the page with his quill, you may be wondering exactly what kind of lyrical content we can be expecting on their newest effort. Fans are being told that they can look forward to hearing songs about “being bad with money, feeling bad, feeling like a fish, a young woman in trouble (at Christmas!), being in a rock band, dealing interrogatively with ambivalent feelings for a person since they were buried at sea (answers not supplied), being surly for poor reasons, women of indeterminate ages waiting for written correspondence to arrive via the weather (I know, right?), living with the long-term consequences of being a jerk.” With a role call like that, no wonder even the band members are at a loss for how to categorize their particular brand of rock and roll.

Recorded just as swiftly as their first album in an astounding four days, the comparisons pretty well stop there.

“I would say that the record is different from the last one because we’ve been together longer and know each other a bit better,” says Matheson. “We were not really documenting what the live band is this time. We sort of wrote stuff in the studios and played around with sounds. It wasn’t a live off the floor. We made it a little more ‘album-ish.’”

Surprisingly, unlike many bands, Night Committee does not have a rigorous touring schedule planned following their release. With shows in and around the Calgary area, including Calgary’s playground The Palomino Smokehouse and Edmonton’s raucous Wunderbar, it seems the band is keeping it closer to home.

“We’re not going to tour that much because after Andrew and Joel’s Hot Little Rocket sort of thing, they’re not really interested in doing that sort of thing, not really interested in beating the bushes for gigs anymore. They did that for a long time with Hot Little Rocket, so we’re being very adult about this whole thing. No sleeping on floors and acting like kids anymore.”

So, whether you’ve been following the career of this threesome of punk rock glory or you’re intrigued about what these fine folks have in store for the music world, pick up a copy and see what it is that makes these crazy cats just so unique.

Night Committee will release their sophomore album, Heaven, at the Palomino (Calgary) on May 9 and at Wunderbar (Edmonton) on May 10.

By Max Maxwell

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