There are no two words that potentially inspire as much cringing in music fans as “Reunion Tour.” There was a time when we collectively yearned for our favourite bands to get over their differences and get back together and continue making the music we loved so much, but the resulting reunions have rarely done more than remind us of our own mortality as we’re confronted with older, fatter, balder versions of the bands we loved in our youth. And though we hope for the best we can’t help but feel many reunited bands are simply cashing in on our feelings of nostalgia. Yet the idea of seeing a reunited Spoons on stage is strangely intriguing.

spoons-2Will they dust off their crimping irons? And stare out into the audience through eyes heavy with eyeliner with indifferent, emotionless expressions as was, for the 80s New Wave musician, de rigueur? One hopes on some level they bring something of that era to the stage without it being cliché. We don’t want to see dancing monkeys, we hope for more from this icon of 80s Canadian New Wave.

It can’t be denied this Burlington Ontario band formed in 1979 lent Canada some New Wave credibility until 1989 when they drifted apart. (They never officially broke up, rather they “took a break” from recording.) The songs were good too. Dare we call Nova Heart, Arias & Symphonies, Old Emotions, and Romantic Traffic “classics”?

Technically this isn’t a reunion tour, but it is the first time in 20 years The Spoons have made it out west. Original Spoon Gordon Deppe (vocals/guitar) will tell you “We’ve been a band for 34 years” and while fellow original Spoon Sandy Horne (vocals/bass) will also be on the tour they will be joined by new drummer Chris McNeill and synth player Casey MQ. There is a new record too, called Static In Transmission, but we all know why we’ll be at the Rickshaw on May 16th, it will be to be surrounded by people all singing “do, do, do, do, dodododo…Rooo Maaaantic Traffic, oh oh.” And it will be amazing.

The Spoons play the Rickshaw Theatre with Vancouver’s  D Trevlon Band opening for them on May 16th 2014. In Calgary, you can catch them at Dickens Pub on May 12th.

By Craig Sinclair
Photos: Andrew MacNaughtan

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