In a world where differentiating a carrot and a chrysanthemum has become an increasingly difficult task, the team behind Victory Gardens is doing their part to re-educate a supermarket generation by giving them the tools to build and maintain their own vegetable gardens. By facilitating community workshops, working privately with clients on creating their dream gardens and selling seeds, they hope to reintroduce this environmentally positive, connective and relaxing lost art.

BeatRoute sat down with some of the core members of the co-op, Sam Philips, Sandra Lopuch, and Elly Rakmetouline, around the big wooden table in the heavily vegetated large Victorian house they use as Victory Garden’s clubhouse.

Building a garden is a daunting task, kind of like having a kid. You put some things and seeds in below places, and hope that something grows. A few months later you wake up one day and have a petunia on your doorstep. Then what are you supposed to do with it? This is where the overall clad superheroes from Victory Gardens swoop in and deliver precious intel on petunia nutrition.

“We amalgamate all the information that we’ve retained over the years and present it to new gardeners in a really accessible and comprehensive way. Then we do custom garden maps and planting guides to map out people’s space for them and show them the timing of the season,” says Philips.

In a society so accustomed to pre-packaged meals and exotic fruit year round, growing your own vegetables can provide some perspective on where your food is coming from.

“I think it’s doing a lot for older generations and younger generations to start reconnecting about something. When we’re gardening out front people always come by and chat and start poking around sharing the things that they do. It’s a nice way for gardening traditions, which are otherwise getting quickly lost, to be past on,” Rakmetouline adds to the gardening pros list.

The more we become submerged in technology and convenience, the more we begin to crave simplicity, and that’s what the cheery, dirt-smeared ladies and gentlemen behind Victory Gardens are offering. Victory Gardens are sticking their hands in as many piles of manure as physically possible in an attempt to build as many gardens as possible in the Lower Mainland. So, pull on your elastic waist gardening pants, slather yourself in SPF 70, and say goodbye to your fake nails because those dreams of a pastoral life are now closer than ever before.

To book a session with a private garden coach and learn more about upcoming gardening workshops and seed sales you can visit Victory Garden’s website:

By Maya-Roisin Slater


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