It’s getting to that time of year again: Calgary’s biggest live music festival, a weekend of bike riding, film, comedy and art lovers, is only a month away.

Last year was rough for Sled Island. The flood put a damper on the four-day fun that Time Magazine recently listed as one of this year’s must-see festivals. Though Sled Island is a highly successful music festival, their pockets aren’t lined with gold and they need as much help as they can get to raise funds for the visual arts portions of the event.

In the spirit of community, Jodie Rose, Sled Island’s visual art coordinator, is organizing Butter, a fundraiser to raise money for local artists that are selected to participate in the visual arts section of the program. In partnership with Contemporary Calgary and Big Rock, the event will be a summer night you won’t forget and can’t remember.

“Butter is the sizzle of frying eggs on hot summer pavement in a melting kaleidoscope of colour,” describes Rose. “The essence of Butter will take form in an all-night popcorn machine of washed-out denim and shaking booties. DJs, dance moves and dirty dogs will be in attendance with sounds by Justin Waddell, Jane Trash and the newest Beat Drop students.”

This is the inauguration of a soon-to-be-annual fundraiser to support Sled Arts’ programming budget, generously kickstarted by ACAD. This will increase the capacity for participating artists to produce dynamic projects beyond previous means. It’s in your best interest to come check it out, support some great local talent and, hell, maybe get a spray tan.

Butter will take place at Contemporary Calgary on May 16 at 8 p.m. RSVP by email to rsvp@sledisland.com.

By Danni Bauer


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