Be it peanut butter and jam pasta, meatloaf ramen, or microwave grilled cheese, everyone has a signature dish they countlessly fall back on meal after meal. For Christina Culver, that dish is salad. As one of six children she was often charged with cooking for her siblings, and despite her best efforts every dish she tried to make ended up becoming a salad. Her inclination towards all things leafy only grew as she did. “I was always known in my friend group for making massive salads. When I became vegan I had to try and find a way to make the same giant salad that packs a punch without goat cheese or chicken, it became my token thing. Friends tried it and asked for it, so I started this little business out of my apartment making and dropping off their salads in the morning. It was the thing people wanted, a solid meal on a bed of greens.” Demand grew, deliveries started, and several years later here she stands, the triumphant empress of her very own bright green food truck/palace.

Culver’s salads come in three vegan and gluten free styles, quinoa, rice noodle, and grainless. The bits and bobs that flavour the styles change daily based on seasonal vegetable availability. In the summer most of them are supplied by Inner City Farms. Her truck also serves soups, cookies, and kombucha.

For a low price you can depart from Culver City full of mostly organic, local veggies that taste exquisite and won’t leave you with the post-lunch self doubt that an entree from a neighbouring Japanese-inspired-donair-flavoured-cronut truck might. So step out of your comfort zone, forgo your ham and cheese sandwich in lieu of a salad, or else you may find yourself survy-stricken and in a salad-less sadness.

To keep up to date on where the Culver City Salads truck will be parked you can visit their Twitter. To get some salads delivered to your home or workplace you can do so through their website:

By Maya-Roisin Slater

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