Victoria native band Current Swell are taking their show international to promote their new album Ulysses, which will be officially released May 6th.

The folky roots style has become the defining characteristic of this island band and their stylings have reached new heights of creativity on their latest album. The new surge of creative juice can be largely attributed to the outside the box recording style of producer Nathan Sabatino – a producer who has worked with Dr. Dog and White Rabbits and has a knack for hunting down analog recording gear on Craigslist to get the sound just right.

“The processes felt very natural” says David Lang, singer and guitarist, who had a moment to catch up with BeatRoute. “He was actually available for only two weeks, the same two weeks we wanted to record so it worked out perfectly. It was such a positive experience,” Lang continues. “This is actually the first album since our debut that we all were able to write collectively.”

Ulysses was recorded at Green House Studios in the heart of East Van, and let’s be real  – East Vancouver is the birthplace of all great West Coast tunes.

Current Swell has just returned from their second tour of Germany in as many years. Generally when one thinks of the music scene in Germany one thinks heavy metal and devil horns. However, the boys were pleasantly surprised with the large fan base waiting for them. So, when planning dates for their latest tour, Germany was the first choice.

“They have a real appreciation for what it take to support music over there,” Lang says of German fans. “They buy tons of vinyl.”

Whatever you want to classify Current Swell as, the boys play solid feel good music. They are described on Wikipedia as “upbeat folk roots,” and since Wikipedia is always right, let’s just stick with that.

Current Swell will be hitting the stage of Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom May 20th.

By Meighan Donaldson

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