Thee Oh Sees' 2012 performance is one of Broken City talent booker Alan Lindsay's top ten memories. Broken City begins its week-long 10-year anniversary party next week.

Thee Oh Sees’ 2012 performance is one of Broken City talent booker Alan Lindsay’s top ten memories. Broken City begins its week-long 10-year anniversary party next week.


Since I was still in high school when Broken City first opened, I don’t know too much about the first couple of years. But, I can tell you that, for the past six years that I have been coming/working here, there have been some amazing nights. Here are top ten favourite moments and memories of Broken City.

1) The first ever time I came to Broken City, I was 17 and 3 Inches of Blood were playing here. Before the show, they played an all ages show at a community centre. My friends and I all went to that show and then were planning to come to Broken City and try to sneak into the later show that was obviously 18+. Jamie Hooper, the lead singer, recognized me and I told him the situation I was in, being 17. He handed me a guitar and said walk in with this and say you’re in the band. I did and partied my underage ass off. It was amazing!

2) The good old days of Celebrity Hot Tub! It was the absolute place to be every Wednesday. All of my memories are pretty fuzzy ones, as I’m sure you can imagine, but, man, oh man, was it a blast.

3) Having Zach Galifianakis do a secret stand-up bit at our Comedy Monday Night. It was unannounced and amazingly intimate. Nicest guy on Planet Earth and funny as fuck.

4) Har-Mar Superstar, last October. That guy is the sexiest son of a bitch alive. He showed up and we were having some serious technical difficulties, to the point where he was so frustrated, he wasn’t going to play. But, after sorting it out, he came to me after the show and told me it was one of his most fun shows he’s ever played. The whole crowd was singing along to “Lady, You Shot Me.” He said he didn’t hear that at any other gig on the tour. Just amazing!

5) Mariachi El Bronx’s free show in 2011. The place was packed and sweaty and everyone went as hard as they possibly could. People still talk about that show. If I tell someone I work at Broken City, they say, “Man, do you remember the Mariachi El Bronx show? That was killer.”

6) The Oh Sees in 2012. Not much to say about this that everyone doesn’t already know. Every time those guys play, it’s out of control. I really hope them splitting up is temporary, they fuckin’ rule!

7) Beau Barker and his Sunday night karaoke antics. Two incidents in particular: he used to strip down to his Spiderman tighty-whities and sing “Gay Bar” on the tables. This one time, a few years back, he lost his footing and slammed so hard to the ground I was pretty sure he had died. But no, he popped up and finished the song! The second incident could be my favourite of all my Broken City moments: some guy sang a Doors song, I can’t remember which one, and afterwards Beau said, “The only thing Jim Morrison did well for The Doors is die.” Some dude in the crowd did NOT take that too kindly and charged the stage. As people held this dude back, Beau continued spouting about his hatred for The Doors. I was standing at the bar, pissing my pants.

8) The Monster Energy 7” of Pleasure Tour with Skratch Bastid, DJ Illo, Matt the Alien & DJ Pump. They played all 7-inch records and tore this place apart. They were mixing Johnny Cash into Daft Punk with four turntables going. It was pretty magical.

9) Mudhoney’s secret show back in 2011, I believe. I was a doorman at the time and one of the new guys, so I was on crowd control, which meant me standing at the front of the stage blocking people from getting pushed into the band. It was bittersweet because I had the best seat in the house, but I got my ass handed to me. People were really trying to rush the stage and I basically got trampled the whole show. Totally worth it, though. After the show, Mark Arm pulled me into the green room and told me how much he appreciated it and him and I drank a bottle of red wine. AWESOME!

10) 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! It’s going to be unreal. I already know that’s going to make my top ten next time, easy.

Broken City celebrates their 10th anniversary with a weeklong party, starting on May 27.

By Alan Lindsay
Photo: Sebastian Buzzalino

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