Fact: Ellie Goulding is a goddess. Adorned in leather shorts, a fishnet tank top, massive Doc Marten boots and a sparkly bindi on her forehead, Ellie dazzled Mac Hall’s sold out venue on April 26th and proved why she is one of the most noteworthy pop princesses in the world.

Calgary was just one of the songstress’s stops during her massive global tour, and it was astonishing to be entertained by someone with so much raw talent, natural charisma and true star power.

From the moment she stepped onto the stage, the audience was captivated – singing along, dancing and feeling entranced by Goulding’s unearthly glow and smoky vocals.

Her set began with the powerful anthem “Figure 8” followed by “My Blood.” She then addressed the crowd with her adorable English accent and personable demeanor, before continuing through an assortment of songs from both her albums, Lights and Halcyon.

The most striking moment of the night came when Goulding preformed her flawless cover of Elton John’s, “Your Song”, bringing on tears in the audience and establishing herself as much more than just another pop singer.

Although there were times during the set when it felt like Goulding was doing more than necessary in terms of provocative dance moves or strange vocal arrangements, overall she was immensely engaging.

With an angelic essence that could bring a crowd to its knees, Ellie Goulding left everyone at Mac Hall with full hearts and her catchy melodies bouncing around their heads for days to follow; an outstanding performance by an outstanding artist and officially my biggest lady crush to date.

Word and photos by Kayla Beattie

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