The music industry is muddled with countless acts that depend on superficial lyricism and predictable musical styling to make a name for themselves. By comparison, there are some rare acts who craft their art from a place of deep introspection that the listener is able to feel in their core. Fever Feel is one of the latter bands.

The vivid music produced by Fever Feel comes from the collaborative effort of Calgary-based brothers Logan and Landon Gabert, who have become masters at entrancing audiences with their ambient rock. The band’s inspiration clearly comes from the core of their being and they have exposed their inner psyches for all to see.

Growing up, these two talented artists practiced instruments together regularly, but always worked on various projects separately. It wasn’t until 2012 that they started making music together. “We write music very differently, but we compliment each other well,” Landon explains. “Working on Fever Feel is the first time we have been in the same frame of mind and working towards the same goal.”

Over time, Fever Feel’s sound has morphed into a dreamy, psychedelic state that brings on the same feelings one would experience while floating on a cloud through a sexy dream-like world.

The band is now creating a new subgenre of synth-rock that has yet to be explored. Using soothing yet raw vocals, strong bass, melodic keys, devilish drums, acoustic guitars, a steel pedal and organs, Logan and Landon are using basic instruments to create an ambient sound.

“We want to bring things back to the heart of music and just be real. Real instruments. Real feelings. Real Fever,” Landon jokes.

Fever Feel is amped to release their dreamy EP, Days of Daze, on May 29 and have continued riding the wave of inspired passion to produce a full-length album of soul-satisfying tunes.

“As musicians, we just want to partner with people in their life experience,” Logan explains. “That’s the reason we write music. There have been key moments in my life where there is a song that I can put on and it brings me right back to that place. That inspires me and that’s what we want to do for people.” And that is exactly what they are doing.

The deep level of consciousness that resonates through the tracks on their EP can be explicitly felt when you relax into their songs. For those of us who are not into that metaphysical stuff, just know that this is the type of music one should play at any given time to guarantee they will get laid by the partner of their choice.

These insightful siblings have successfully brought things back to the essence of music and have made more than just a sound; they have created an experience for their listeners. “A fever alters your state of mind. It brings on symptoms you can’t control. That’s what we want our music to do. Make people feel the fever.”

Fever Feel will release Days of Daze on May 29 at the Bamboo.

By Kayla Beattie

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