The Haim sisters tour relentlessly. Within the past year, they’ve performed on Saturday Night Live, the Andrew Marr Show, and the Coachella Music Festival, all immediately following their 2013 debut, Days Are Gone. But their favourite appearance this past year was the time-honoured Glastonbury Festival. “We played the pyramid stage at Glastonbury,” Danielle Haim says of the decades-running European event. “It was such an honour, I still can’t believe we played it.”

The recent Coachella music festival also takes place in Haim’s home state, and the opportunity for the sisters to play after attending for so long was a likewise uncanny experience. “We’ve been going to Coachella since 2005 so it was surreal for us to play the festival,” Danielle says of their appearances this year. “We saw Outkast, Pharell, Solange this year. They were all amazing.” Fans however, came from much further homes, with much more elaborate props than Haim could expect. “One person at Coachella had a huge Este’s bass face sign they were holding up for our entire set,” Danielle recalls. “It was so big, we couldn’t believe they carried it around all day, let alone got it into the festival.”

Last month Haim also re-issued their first EP for record store day, 2012’s Forever. Currently as likely to be heard in a club as in a Target commercial, their trademark funk-driven back beat and percussive vocals on this track were accompanied by a remix from legendary disco producer, Georgio Moroder, as well as a new track with New York’s Twin Shadow, “Edge.”

Just last October Vancouver saw Haim take the stage to a sold out Commodore Ballroom. Their appearance was highlighted for its oddities, including impromptu stage slides, bizarre crowd banter and crowd surfing through their encore.

They had the opportunity to meet Vancouver’s most celebrated in person, with Grimes as their personal chaperone. “She took us around the area and showed us an awesome Japanese restaurant,” Danielle describes. “ And we also got to hang with our friend Nardwuar.” The video clip below of their interview with Nardwuar is a must watch.

This month Haim take the stage with Tennis at the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park. Hopefully the upgrade has a stage large enough to contain their collective freakiness, not to mention a venue large enough to contain a legion of fans that love them for it.

Haim shake it up at the Malkin Bowl on May 24th.

By Mathieu Pierre Youdan

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