When eager anticipation for this season of Deadliest Catch is coupled with an ignorance of electrical engineering, the name Line Traps initially and wrongfully connotes an image of weathered deckhands slinging hooks off the rail of The Northwestern into the shallows of The Bering Sea. However, the namesake of this Victoria three-piece has less to do with Dutch Harbour and more to do with a flying Dutchman named T. Depression.

Depression has spent a lifetime compartmentalizing his penchant for high frequencies into boxes of his own design. The evidence rests in his former label (Famous Fuzz), Teenage Depression DJ nights, his recently retired record store (Talk’s Cheap) and The New Krime, his singular performance piece of staccato riffs, four on the floor beats, Forbidden Dimension inspiration and near-industrial bedtracks.

His one-man regiment surprisingly gave way to becoming a trio last spring.

“Poly Ethylene [bass, vocals] and S. Pressure [drums, vocals] expressed interest in playing with me if I ever wanted to do a full band version of New Krime,” says Depression. “We billed our first show as New Krime last April (opening for Big Eyes), playing our first show as Line Traps a couple weeks later. Since then, we’ve played 19 shows with 41 bands from 11 different cities!”

Ironically, the uncompromising noise of Line Traps is now emanating well past the confines of Vancouver Island’s radio towers. Their debut cassette on Shake! Records, featuring six blasts of punk rock snarl, have found homes in tape decks far beyond the possession of the Garden City’s ever-insular music scene.

A follow-up recording session was recently completed on Gabriola Island, where the famed fishing waters surround the increasingly attention-grabbing Noise Floor Recording Studios. Cast a line for a one-sided 12-inch release later this summer with Western Canadian tour dates to follow.

Line Traps play the Shakearama Festival this June in Victoria, B.C.

By Tim Horner
Photo: Sara Hembree  

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