LIVE Tyvek by Shane Burzynski

MEDIA CLUB, MAY 11, 2014

Guaranteed quality post-punk weirdness wasn’t enough to bring new fans to Tyvek’s first performance in five years, as evidenced by their very late start time. But what the night lacked in numbers, it more than made up for in enthusiasm, as many of the same crowd at their 2009 performance eagerly awaited the Detroit four-piece’s return. And to this crowd, what the performance lacked in quantity, it more than made up in quality.

The B-Lines opened with a performance of blistering pop-punk jams they’ve perfected over an insane amount of appearances throughout the past three years. Only pausing briefly for a whiskey, the band ripped through their standards, but failed to introduce the audience to their new songs due for an appearance on their upcoming album.

Seattle’s Deamsalon had a musical canvas that was cut from a new material, and they weren’t afraid to keep it messy. Their Vancouver debut was arguably the most sonically impressive set, as they spent 40 minutes finding new uses for the tools of a traditional rock band. Near the end of their set, drummer and singer Matthew Ford re-aligned his vocal mic with the snare, producing a uniquely psychedelic boxed reverb effect.

Headlining act Tyvek appeared quickly afterwards, with their first several songs muddied by technical difficulties. Singer and guitarist Kevin Boyer saved his energy for the music, offering only sparse words for the audience and mostly breaking awkward silences in the set with song titles. But the musical intensity of Tyvek was unparalleled, as Boyer sang rapid-fire lyrics in a fit of melancholy over high-intensity, Urinals-style one-chord punk jams with squealing guitar solos.

The audience spent most of Tyvek’s performance alternating between states of moshing frenzy and spaced-out trance. Near the end of their short set, the collective seemed to be trying to coax more out of the band but to no avail. They wrapped up with an extended, six-minute noise jam of “Returns, Returns, Returns,” and said good night.

By Mathieu Youdan
Photo by Shane Burzynski


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