Midnight-MaliceFULL POWER

With the traditional metal scene in full power, it’s almost hard to keep track of who’s who and what each is like. But, if you have half a brain and half a beer, you sure as fuck know who Midnight Malice is!

“Anything that increases interest in the style of music we are playing is good for us. We’re seeing more people at shows and more people supporting bands online. I think there has always been a place for it and the rise in popularity is undeniable. We have been credited as a band at the forefront of said movement and we thrive in this,” explains guitarist and lead vocalist Caleb Beal, who helped form the band in 2009.

With members stemming from Calgary and Toronto, the band now dominates in the latter as Toronto’s bad boys of heavy metal. On their side of the pond are two things: incestuous bands and global attention.

“We too have history with other bands and are from Toronto. Does that illegitimize [sic] the attention we’ve gained because of it? At the end of the day you’ve got to do it yourself, living in the shadow of former success or not,” retorts Beal. “The bands that work hard will shine through.”

While most bands to the east are playing the speeding, fast, glammed-up heavy rock in the style of late ‘80s Riot and early Queensrÿche, Midnight Malice have kept things simple and greasy in the early ‘80s, real heavy Crüe assault on both their 2010 demo, Pray for Death, and full-length debut, Proving Grounds, which was released in January.

“When I was first getting into heavy metal, Judas Priest’s Painkiller (1990) had a huge early influence on me, around the time I was writing the songs off the demo. It’s safe to say W.A.S.P.’s The Last Command (1985) was frequenting my turntable at the same time and forever after. When I was writing some of the newer songs, I was really into Tank’s Filth Hounds of Hades (1982) and Honour & Blood (1984) albums. It’s hard to gauge exactly what influenced the song writing, but I spent countless hours listening to Deep Purple’s Machine Head (1971) and Bad Company’s Bad Company (1974) around the time it was being developed.”

Without a doubt, Midnight Malice are big competition for title of best “new” band out of Canada right now. Keep your ears open while you are in the proving grounds, or they will find ya in the dead of night!

See Midnight Malice on Saturday, June 7 at Dickens Pub during Calgary Metalfest.

By Dan Neild

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