LIVE Die Antwoord by Sarah Whitlam


Yo Vancouver, you fink you can fuck wif summing like dis? On a Thursday night, Vancouver was ready at the Commodore Ballroom for this sold out show. Die Antwoord’s disturbing power has seemed to capture the inner freak of every music fan on the planet, and it was Vancouver’s turn to get freaky with the South African rap group.

After a handful of false starts, the group kicked their performance into high gear with “DJ Hi-Tek Rulez,” followed by “Fok Julie Naaiers.” Splicing songs together Vuilgeboo$t (Die Antwoord’s live DJ) kicked it into “Wat Kyk Iy.” After a series of sliced songs the crew kicked into “Fatty Boom Boom,” and continued to play whole tracks off their upcoming album, Donker Mag. A shockingly raw performance had the crowd embracing their inner freak for “Raging Zef Boner” and “Pitbull Terrier.”

Yolandi seemed to stand out on stage despite her tiny stature, revving up the crowd with her dance moves. Hooded dancers took the stage as menacing visuals projected across their bodies. Ninja commanded the crowd, jumping into the audience, erasing the crowd’s inhibitions into thin air. Ending with an encore of “Enter the Ninja,” Die Antwoord adorned their Alexander Wang hoodies and took down the crowd with their dance moves.

“Bye-bye, Vancouver,” chirped Yo-Landi as the lights blacked out to signal the end of  the memorable performance. “Flame on, motherfuckers.”

By Nicola Storey
Photos by Sarah Whitlam

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