This remix is one of the first releases from the new record label sub-branch of Victoria’s Wolf/Sheep Arthouse. For the last few years, Wolf/Sheep have been aiming to “demystify contemporary art” through fun, accessibility, and collaboration. Their space encompasses tattooing, art making, and other creative ventures.

For this remix, dropping May 31, the labels own duo, Dead Air reinterprets the track ‘Champion’ by Pigeon Hole. As members of Sweatshop Union, Pigeon Hole have performed around the world, most recently at SXSW.

Dead Air takes the original track to new heights of dirty, frenetic, hip hop influenced dubstep. They make use of pitched-up vocal samples and serious drops to make a party-ready dubstep track that still manages to sound fresh, infectious and danceable, with a serious West Coast bass music flavour. Gotta love the three eyed hairless cat, too. Here’s looking forward to lots more awesome creative output from this always expanding collective.

By Genevieve Michaels

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