If you’re a musician, it takes guts to get up onstage and perform in front of a bunch of assholes. But it takes a whole lot more than guts to put on a swimsuit on a cloudy day in May for BeatRoute’s inaugural local music swimsuit edition photoshoot. Breaking new ground in the ever-so-profitable world of print publishing, we invited some of our favourite Vancouver-based musicians to take part in this wet and wild feature. Pairing them with local designers and other pieces of swimwear that can be purchased from various ‘cool’ boutique shops around the city, we took to the pervert-infested beach at Crab Park with a purpose. Most opted to stay out of the questionable waters but Samantha Blondtron was the one brave soul actually willing to put the wet in wet and wild.

Vancouver is bursting with talented designers who can pack a punch of style, attitude, and glamour into a relatively small piece of nylon. Beth Richards creates looks for the pool party diva; Nettle’s Tale is the newest novel swimwear designer to cater to tasteful women of different sizes and modesties; and Daub & Design hand tie-dyes colourful panties that double as bikini bottoms in a pinch. As for the beach bros, there is no shortage of stylish trunks in the city designed for you as well. For the bro’s bro, head down to West 4th for the tried and true Boardroom in all their board short glory. Sitka is really getting in to it this season with their west-coast swim and surf gear. And for all the chill bros, Lifetime Collective is riffing hard on Van City styles with some really unique designs and patterns that pay homage to local landmarks such as Third Beach a.k.a. Club Third. We hope BeatRoute’s somewhat safe but super sexy swim style guide here has got you covered –or uncovered– for this year’s trendiest #trends. See you at the beach!

By Jessica Brodeur and Glenn Alderson
Photos by Ryan Walter Wagner

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