La-Luna---credit-Daniel-TorresWHEN ART IS A POLITICAL ACTION

When it comes to the gender inequality in heavy music, Vanessa Gloux doesn’t mince words. When I ask her if she has any final words, she replies diplomatically before responding with “fuck your boys club.” I’m taken aback. It’s a reaction I should have been expecting, given La Luna’s proclivity for jagged, concise post-hardcore. However, it’s delivered with the tired deadpan reserved for journalists who ask silly questions about girls in rock bands.

But, aren’t things getting better for women in aggressive music? It’s a loaded question if there ever was one, but Gloux is gracious enough to indulge me. “That’s a really hard question to answer. I would say, ‘yes,’ because awareness has become a bigger thing in hardcore, but also ‘no,’ because a lot of people don’t see it as a problem or don’t acknowledge it as a thing that needs to change.”

Still, Gloux acknowledges the dichotomy with surprising positivity, “It’s a much more welcoming environment, especially for women making music nowadays. It’s kind of unfortunate still that we need our own page because there’s women in bands.” It’s a sentiment that rings true throughout our conversation.

Though, with a rigorous touring and recording schedule, it’s clear that La Luna is far more interested in pushing boundaries than agendas. Gloux is far more interested in the band as a medium of creative expression even if she remains somewhat unaware of the effect it may be having. “From an ego standpoint, I have no idea. But just from some people who have communicated with me, even if it’s made a difference in one person’s life where they’re like, ‘I was going through this hard time and I just listened to this album a lot and it helped me get through it,’ to me that’s amazing that it even changes or helps one person.”

Catch La Luna at the Canadian Legion No. 1 (downstairs) on Saturday, June 21. 

By Aaron J. Marko
Photo: Daniel Torres

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