“FASHIONISM is basically the bubblegum glam of the early ’70s played by people who like late ’70s U.K. punk so much that it has poisoned everything we do in the best possible way,” said Robin Schroffel from the new band Fashionism. Band members include Jeffrey McCloy (Tranzmitors), Josh Atomic (The Jolts), Alex Angel (New Town Animals, Thee Manipulators), and Robin Schroffel.

If you are new to the music scene here, the above paragraph just mentioned the top three of the finest Friday night local bands that Vancouver have enjoyed over the past 10 years. There has been a sore lack of this danceable sound in the music scene here since the break-up years ago of Thee Manipulators, The TVees, The Zip Guns, and Pretty Vanilla. As a result, dancing gave way to moshing as music moved into the post punk sound. Fashionism threatens to bring it all back now to the music that will move your ass unless it’s in a cast. Style that will make even the scrub of your group put on a clean shirt or a suit. It smells like a supergroup to the rescue.

Talking with Josh Atomic about what Fashionism means to him and what part he plans on playing in the band, he responded: “Fashionism is a movement that is going to sweep the nation. If you think the Quebec separatist movement was annoying then you’ll hate this. I’m playing guitar and helping with some background vocals. I plan on being as irritating as possible.”

Thinking McCloy might have something to say about his part in the band and how he plans on stealing the show, he replied: “I will mostly be playing with myself considering my only responsibility in this band is to share clever anecdotes and my ever evolving perspective in regards to social commentary with the audience, oh yes, and come up with blatantly catchy melodies in which the previously mentioned run-on statement will be articulated. As for stealing the show, I suppose that will depend on whether the band is having a more authoritarian kind of day or feeling a little more socialist.”

Fashionism’s first show was May 29th in Bellingham and they will be recording with Vancouver’s own Jesse Gander at the end of June. With no Vancouver date planned yet, the first one in their home town is sure to be one not to miss – so keep an eye out!

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By Tanya Van

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