AB-CITY-Inglewood-Night-Market---Photo-Credit-Allison-MorganPLAYING IN CALGARY’S OLDEST COMMUNITY

Many born-and-raised Calgarians say that they have grown up amongst two kinds of people in our city: those who left, and those who stayed to make Calgary awesome. Meg Van Rosendaal and Jamey Lougheed of the all-volunteer organization Find It, which hosts Inglewood Night Markets, are two of the latter.

From June to September, 10th Street at Ninth Avenue will be filled with trunk sales, local vendors (60 this year), patios at Cafe Gravity and BITE Groceteria, themed food and dancing — a whole lot of dancing.

“We really wanted to pump up that community vibe this year, that sense of a street party even though people from all over the city come,” says Van Rosendaal.

Bringing the jams will be local bands Locomotive Ghost and Lazer Cake on June’s indie-themed night (there’re Latin-, country- and electronica-themed nights coming up). BITE will be making themed food for each night – August’s Latin night, for instance, will have buttered chicken poutine.

The Night Market will also feature professional dancers to get people moving, because who wants to go to a dance party where nobody’s dancing? In July, during Stampede, Square Dance Calgary will be keeping it traditional, while in August, a Brazilian drum troupe will work the crowd into a frenzy. Finally, Find It has something really cool planned for September: Just Dance on a big screen and “Selfie Dancing,” where every supremely un-self-conscious move you pull gets shown to the world.

“The reason we do this kind of thing is to promote the creative, quirky character of Inglewood and Ramsay,” says Van Rosendaal. “And just to bring people here to play with us!”

Play at the Inglewood Night Market starting Friday, June 13 at 10th Street and Ninth Avenue. Visit for more details.

By Gareth Watkins
Photo: Allison Morgan

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