There’s no denying it: fame is a public animal. Coming to terms with the crux of his mid-life meets mid-career crossroads, Canadian rock icon Ian Blurton is determined to take his music to the next level. Coming off of the 2011 dissolution of his incendiary hard-rock outfit C’mon, Blurton was itching to forge a new group that would share songwriting work and accolades equally. Bella Clava’s dauntless keyboardist, Caitlin Dacey was amongst the first to ascend the ranks of Blurton’s private party of four. Swiftly joined by Tricky Woo’s Eric Larock on bass and The Lying Cheats’ Ryan Gassi on drums, Dacey surmises that, “You’d have to be a blind fool to pass up a chance to collaborate with an artistic workhorse like Blurton!”

“When Ian mentioned that he was interested in putting band together based on friendship and musical compatibility, I jumped at the opportunity before I had even heard his full vision,” says Dacey.

Beaming from behind the keys of her Korg CX3, Dacey is proud to showcase Public Animal’s depth and range. The outfit’s shared appreciation for the spirit of ‘70s classic rock has been captured on vinyl thanks to their recent, 12-inch Deep Purple cover album with in conjunction with fellow rockers, Mokomokai. June 2014 will see Public Animal’s feral fracas descend upon Calgary’s Sled Island just in time to spread the joy with copies of their super-duper self-titled debut; a full-length tribute to none other than Alice Cooper!

“Performing with Public Animal has been one of the easiest most natural things I’ve ever done,” Dacey confirms. “No matter where we go, audiences, especially those who are already familiar with Ian’s body of work, have been incredibly supportive.”

Public Animal play on Friday, June 20 at the Palomino and on Saturday, June 21 at the Ship & Anchor.    

By Christine Leonard

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