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One of the best things about beer is that it brings people together. At festivals, in kitchens, after playing a game or a rehearsal, or just sitting on a patio or in your backyard – beer is the great social lubricant. At Village, we have made it one of our missions to gather people around community (the other mission is great beer, but that’s pretty much mandatory, isn’t it?). Every month, we are going to bring two strangers together and ask them to interview each other. This month, we’re pleased to introduce singer-songwriter Jonathan Li, and beer and vintage furniture enthusiast Peter Dolan.

Jonathan Li: Peter, what’s your ideal Sunday in Calgary?

Peter Dolan: For me, on a typical Sunday it would be sleeping in and then heading out for brunch. After that, cruise around the typical areas of the cities, your Inglewoods and 17th Avenues. Around 4 p.m., it’s time to meet up with some friends and have a pint on the patio. Really, just a day of nothing, “a do-anything kind of day.” You?

JL: For sure, I would sleep in. If I’m up in time, have a nice breakfast, but it’s probably lunch already, so I guess have a nice lunch. In the afternoon, probably go for a bike ride or play some music outdoors.

PD: You play music?

JL: I’m a singer-songwriter so I write and perform. I actually just released a new album, called Our Stories Matter, so a great Sunday involves music for sure.

PD: So a bit more structured question, who are you and who do you want to be?

JL: Well, I’ve got two careers: I work at amazing digital agency, called Evans Hunt. That’s what I do during the day, but goal has always been music.

PD: So you’re trying to take your career and passion and put them together?

JL: For sure, that’s always been the ideal: I’ve always wanted to help people through the music while working with charities. I’ve actually created a website at where songwriters will write stories off the experiences of others. So, I’ve always tried to use my skills to do something bigger than myself. Peter?

PD: I’m not used to self-promotion, but I’m Peter Dolan and I’ve been at Village Brewery just over a year. I’ve been in the beer industry for 10 years and it’s the best, a ton of fun but also a lot of work. You meet great people and many of them are my best friends, even some of my clients are my best friends. I love getting out and meeting people, helping businesses or charities, whatever it may be. As for who I want to be? A good friend; a good son.

By Jim Button, Jonathan Li, Peter Dolan

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