Hanging out with three members of Young Liars for an afternoon is a really fucking cool experience, one that we recommend to all of you.

In the middle of Storm Crow Tavern (surrounded by Game of Thrones and Doctor Who paraphernalia), we sat down with Andrew Beck, Jordan Raine and Tyler Badali to discuss all things music, art and nerd culture – as well as their new EP Night Window, and upcoming full-length album Tidal Wave, out June 24th.

It’s immediately evident that these three 20-somethings have been building the foundation of not only a great friendship, but also a bond as bandmates that is tremendously respectable.

“It was a formation of other bands. It started with us three, and then we added in Angelo (who left the band just last year), and he brought in Wes, which gave us a synth player,” says Raine. He goes on to add: “We’re still refining the details of how we all work together, and it’s only getting better. I think it’s going to show with these new releases. It’s been an organic, steady pace between Homesick Future (their first EP) and today.”

Beck chimes in: “We went from very loud noise rock to catchy pop songs. A lot of that is because we realized we aren’t punks anymore, we’re no longer 20 and thinking constantly about getting beers.”

The creation of Tidal Wave brought new and exciting ways of production to Young Liars, something they’ve always wanted to find.

“We had the opportunity to work with producer Tyler Johnson, and he has a suite we were able to go to essentially whenever we wanted,” laughs Raine.

“We probably had the album done twice, mastered it both times and then re-wrote it all again right before we knew it was finished,” adds Beck.

“It only takes one person to hear something a little off and it becomes more of a work-in-progress than an actual finished product,” Badali chimes in.

Before the release of Tidal Wave in June, the band has released Night Window, an EP that consists of two tracks and two remixes of said tracks.

“We were in a bind for remixes,” says Beck. “We were throwing it out to as many people we liked as possible in hopes to find some cool things. It was originally just going to be a single and one remix, but that evoked into a full EP to help promote the upcoming album. It’s a great way to come back and remind people who may have listened in the past that we’re still making good music.”

Catch Young Liars’ album release show June 14th at The Fox Cabaret.

By Camille Vega

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