type_work___roman_polanski__s_baby_by_gojna-d5gsu9cRIOT GRRL-INSPIRED TRIO BUILDS A SCENE IN THEIR OWN VISION

They say you should never meet your heroes. So the argument goes, expectations seldom meet reality. What if the people you admire from afar reveal the gritty warts of humanity up close? Thankfully for Katie Miller, frontwoman of Roman Polanski’s Baby, expectations would not simply be met, but exceeded, when the band was handpicked by Kathleen Hanna to play Sled Island.

“I was really excited. I’ve fucking loved Kathleen Hanna since middle school. She’s always been a huge hero. I mean, Bikini Kill’s always been very important to me my entire life. Riot grrl’s a big part of my life and also the two people in my band, Rachel & Carter. We’re all riot grrl fans. It’s completely and totally surreal and awesome.”

And the interest isn’t without merit. In a brief two years, the band has managed to independently release more than a handful of full-lengths and singles. More importantly, the group has helped inspire others within the local music scene.

“We started the band because we lived in a college town where there were basically no bands with girls in them. There really weren’t any. We lived in this house and were throwing all these house shows. We were really just really fucking tired of a bunch of dudes playing around all the time and nobody else doing anything.

“We started playing in this town called Murfreesboro and then a bunch more women started playing as well, I don’t know if it was timing-wise, but we basically kind of started this bad-ass scene with a bunch of female bands and it kind of took off.”

Given Hanna’s history with all things noisy and politically forward thinking, it is unsurprising Roman Polanski’s Baby found listenership with Julie Ruin. And the band with their relentless DIY approach is sure to turn heads, regardless of gender.

Catch Roman Polanski’s Baby at Tubby Dog on Thursday, June 19, at Local 510 Parking Lot on Friday, June 20 and at the #1 Legion (upstairs) on Saturday, June 21.

By Aaron J. Marko

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