Anything but a shot in the dark, the straight-from-the-hip firepower of Saskatoon’s Shooting Guns gives them free reign to put a positive spin on the task of being harbingers of doom. Muted in their pursuit of concordant mayhem, the instrumental outfit excels at laying down heavy harmonies and gut-wrenching riffs that plunder the vaults of heavy metal history for molten riches and gritty glory.

“In short, we are Saskatchewan’s answer to sonic dismemberment,” says Shooting Gun’s bassist Jay Loos.

Plying his “instru-metal” trade in cahoots with coconspirators drummer Jim Ginther, guitarist Keith “Keef” Doepker, bassist Zach Low and guitarist Chris Laramee, synth-player Loos was thrilled to commit Shooting Guns’ heavy-psych railings to vinyl with the release of their towering sophomore LP, Brotherhood of the Ram, in October of 2013.

“Basically, as the name implies, we create somewhat deafening distortions that will leave you either incapacitated or extremely exhilarated.”

Capable of encapsulating the voluminous and the visceral, Shooting Guns’ shape-shifting grooves have proven to be an ideal match for the onscreen violence and pageantry of motion pictures such as the forthcoming horror-romp Wolfcop, billed as the “Citizen Kane of werewolf police movies.” A groundbreaking foray into the visual-arts, this exciting experiment is opening new doors for the mutable Sask-rockers’ possibly paving their way to fame as soundtrack purveyors to the scars.

“The intensity of Earth’s inner-core meets the cold vacuum of outer space when we take to the stage,” cautions Loos. “Expect a full-blown megaton explosion that will result in deafening silence.”

Having recently founded their own label, Pre-Rock Records, Shooting Guns can add releasing “the road-trip album of the summer” to their credentials. A throw-back to the prolific days of punk-rock compilations, Pre-Rock’s debut release, entitled House of Burners, features 19 of the finest doom, stoner and heavy rock bands from across Canada.

See Shooting Guns on Friday, June 20 at Tubby Dog and Saturday, June 21 at Dickens. Catch them live on CJSW 90.9FM at 8 p.m. Saturday, June 21.    

By Christine Leonard

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