Cripple Creek Fairies Leather Witch


Calgary’s Cripple Creek Fairies have released 12 grungy tracks to rock your turntable and melt your mind. The new EP is solid Cripple Creek fare. With many of the songs on the album reminiscent of rock’s past, they give new life to what some may call a lost art. The days of seminal garage rock are behind us and the simplicity of early punk has been lost, but the Cripple Creek Fairies have attempted to dig it all up and resurrect it.

Down-and-dreary melodies and slight screams is a ripe combination. As pun-loving Canadians, this album has a side “A” and a side “EH.” They have also kept up on their tradition of accompanying their release with intriguing artwork. Leather Witch proves itself to be a keeper with songs like “Asian Eye,” “Dream of Sleep” and “Rubbing You (The Wrong Way)” all delivering prairie-rock fist-punches.

So many bands try to manufacture what CCF have crawling out of them naturally — their sound is such a vast clash of influences, it’s hard to pinpoint a distinct inspiration that has driven them in this direction. But, this only exemplifies the Fairies’ talent and mad skills.

By Sarah Mac

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