Keiffer McLean Drama in the Attic,


Keiffer McLean is fresh-faced 20-year-old hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, and his intimate songwriting and breezy music styling far surpasses what you would expect from an artist who has only experienced two decades’ worth of trips around the sun. His first full-length, Drama in the Attic, comes hot on the heels of McLean’s nomination for a 2013 Canadian Folk Music Award for Young Performer of the Year.

Drama in the Attic, the follow-up to a 2012 eponymous EP, is anything but dramatic. It is actually incredibly easygoing and serene. This album would be the perfect soundtrack to a lazy day, while you soak up the sun on the bow of a boat that’s rocking back and forth on calm waters, sipping spiked lemonade and wishing the summer (and the album) would never end.

With his melodically pleasing voice, simple acoustics and a cornucopia of instrumentals (piano, bass, keys and the occasional tuba, clarinet or trumpet), Drama in the Attic features a modern, beachy take on traditional folk music. The songs on the album are so cohesive that there aren’t any standout tracks, but instead they all blend together into 35 harmonious minutes of music that never loses the fresh, playful vibe that makes the Drama in the Attic so charming.

There is also an inherent intimacy that comes through in how the album was recorded. It is almost like you are sitting on McLean’s living room floor, enjoying his calm energy and relaxing into his sweet serenades. This, combined with the sweet simplicity of his music styling, makes Drama in the Attic an impressive first full release for such a young artist and must-listen for those of us who enjoy lighthearted, easy listening.

By Kayla Beattie 

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