There’s just something about the almost-too-average group from Utah that brings us into a disco-y, postmodern pop that feels just right. It’s the kind of album that recalls shiny yellow leather pants and leopard-print Sundays cruising with the rag-top down.

Neon Trees are already somewhat known — they hit the charts with their singles “Animal” in 2010 and “Everybody Talks” in 2012 — but Pop Psychology is significantly different from anything we have heard from the Trees before. Frontman Tyler Glenn, came out as gay during the production of this third album and Pop Psychology thus is put together with lyrics stemming from his years-long struggle of being in the closet. Glenn states that knowing he was gay since he was six but keeping it a secret choked his artistic spirit. But here, his spirit has been set free and it shines through Pop Psychology in a bedazzled neo-new-wave collection.

While the lyrics may pinpoint Glenn’s struggles, the upbeat pop melodies and instrumentals keep everyone in the room dancing. The Trees open strong with the modern “Love in the 21st Century” and end with the futuristic, punk-pop, tell-it-like-it-is “First Things First,” distracting us from the modern disco we heard earlier in “Sleeping With a Friend.” If you’re looking for an album to keep you on your toes or to keep the party going, give these almost-too-average guys from Utah a listen and get prepared to groove.

By Paige Paquette

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