Rodrigo y Gabriela 9 Dead Alive


It’s been five years since we have heard original material from the freakishly talented Mexican guitar duo known simply as Rodrigo y Gabriela. Amalgamating classical and flamenco guitar styles with rock and heavy-metal influences, the long-awaited 9 Dead Alive finds the two-piece powerhouse paying tribute to noteworthy individuals of the past.

Wire and wood generate instrumental magic, as the fulsome acoustics and intricate fretwork on opening track “The Soundmaker” taps into the muse of guitarist/luthier Antonio de Torres Jurado. All the while, the fragile vistas of “Megalopolis” and the doggedly optimistic “Misty Moses (inspired by Harriet Tubman) set the historic scene for the Trans-Siberian juggernaut “The Russian Messenger” (inspired by Fyodor Dostoyevsky). Organic, intuitive and brilliantly emotive, the stirring sonic portraits that comprise 9 Dead Alive are deeply reverential and yet completely invigorating. Class, consider yourselves schooled!

By Christine Leonard

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