When last year’s flood occurred, resulting in the 2013 Sled Island festival’s cancellation halfway through, displaced bands were quick to help the show go on in the form of impromptu house shows throughout Calgary. These gigs would go down in local music history as Flood Island.

Meanwhile, in Edmonton, artists and promoters were also swift in keeping the Sled Island spirit alive, taking to social media to arrange gigs on the fly. This three-day mini-festival held in the provincial capital, which was arranged on mere hours’ notice, would become known as Shred Island.

Edmonton journalist and documentarian Mack Lamoureux of River Road Productions captured these Edmonton shows and how it all came together in the 28-minute documentary Shred Island, released last fall and now available for free online streaming.

Shred Island‘s soundtrack was performed by Vancouver’s Johnny de Courcy and the Death Rangers, who themselves were also supposed to play Sled Island and instead took the show up north. The documentary went on to become an official selection of the Global Vision Film Festival and received a nomination for Best Albertan Doc Over 20 Minutes.

Watch Shred Island in full below.

By Team BeatRoute
Photo: Mack Lamoureux

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