Though ideas have been bounced around a lot in regards to where you can put Maica Mia on the ever-growing list of genres, sub-genres and neo-genres, don’t look to the namesake and frontwoman Maica Armata to clear the air on the subject. According to Armata, the band doesn’t think about it all that much.

“We joke around a lot and call it dance music.”

But anyone who has listened to their debut album, Des Era, can attest to the idea of dancing not being on the forefront of one’s imagination where the music is concerned. Described as everything from doom folk to experimental rock to post-punk, the atmosphere created by Maica Mia is all at once reflective and rather conceptual — a thick, weightless place where you can fathom your ideas abstractly. This is an approach Armata takes intentionally by not spoon-feeding the listener an agenda with the lyrics.

“I don’t want to be the narrator for that. I like when people can draw their own stories.”

The hard to pin-down sound is going through an evolution thanks to the addition of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s Mauro Pezzente on bass, both in the studio and live. Now, approaching the music as a three-piece, the music has adapted a livelier pulse, one that translates well to live performance.

Currently landing gigs such as Sled Island, and with plans for a month-long voyage tour through the States in October, Maica Mia is enjoying the act of creating music. That is after all what it is all about according to Armata:

“You just gotta keep making music. Keep your chin up, y’know? Despite the Antarctic falling apart, you gotta keep making music.”

And if you can find a way to dance to it, all the better.

Catch Maica Mia at the Ironwood on Saturday, June 21.

By Jennie Orton

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