gofortheeyes-m7 INCHES… AROUND

The first thing Go For the Eyes’ guitarist and vocalist Jeff Turner wanted to hear when he bought his first record was the Smiths’ “How Soon Is it Now?,” off one of their most notable albums, Meat is Murder. Immediately, his favourite song felt different to him.

Jeff Turner and Elise Roller are easy to chat with, sitting on the steps off Memorial Drive by the Bow River. Go For The Eyes are releasing their first 7” this month with two tracks they worked hard to perfect. “What Up October” and “If You Don’t Mind” are pressed and ready for the world to be heard in the way music should be listened to. Both Turner and Roller are huge music buffs and know that vinyl feels and sounds different.

The tracks sound bigger then their previous work. “I have to admit we aren’t the best musicians out there, so what we try to do now is include other things. For this [project], we got a violinist and cello player. Kirill Telichev, the producer, expanded our sound with a new arrangement. We aren’t try to be better than another band, we are just trying to be better than ourselves,” Turner explains.

Roller adds, “We are really good at asking for advice: all of the success we have had is by not being afraid to ask people’s opinions. We want to be better and a lot of our work is a product of people’s input.” This will be Go For the Eyes’ first venture into the analog world as a medium and they have every right to be excited about releasing a 7-inch, as vinyl will always be a timeless way to enjoy music.

By Danni Bauer

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