The local indie band’s third release and 16-track record induces feelings of sitting outside on a corduroy couch, wearing ’70s bell-bottoms and sipping on some spiked lemonade, all while watching a slideshow chock-full of old photos. The bass and drums create a dusty storm, pumping the record with enough punk rock to still contemplate swiping a few cigs from your buddy’s pack.

Plug in your headphones and take a nostalgic walk around Calgary’s variety of parks, wander some neighbourhoods and let your imagination soar. At least, that’s David Laing’s method when composing new heavy melodies and layering guitar riffs. Laing, Chris Dadge, Henry Mustard, Sammie Starchild and Dice Parks joined forces in 2008 to bring us a refreshing, beachy brand of indie-pop. Calling Calgary their home, the talented group records their abrupt beginnings, endings and everything in between using basement-based techniques, allowing an airy majestic feel to surface throughout their albums. In the title track and “Talk About It,” they also throw in Chinese plucking, twisting up the sonic feels.

It’s the time of year when teacups overflow from the sink and it’s far too cold to enjoy margaritas on the patio, but curling up with your fuzzy blanket and favourite book will compliment this composition perfectly. This is only, of course, until it’s time to drop the top, roll down the windows and enjoy cruising under the sun with Lab Coast’s succulent taste of home.

By Paige Paquette

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